Covid-19 Information


Covid-19 has become part of our daily lives. EAHAD 2023 is expecting its participants to observe common sense.


You can find here the relevant information regarding the latest Covid-19 updates in the UK. Please make sure to read them carefully!

Recommendations for attending EAHAD 2023:

As a general rule:

  • Please make sure to keep your distances, as a respect towards other delegates.
  • Please make sure you disinfect your hands regularly (dispensers are available in the congress venue).
  • There is no mandatory mask-policy. Delegates are free to wear masks.
  • EAHAD 2023 expects all participants to have completed a full Covid-19 vaccination cycle.
  • EAHAD 2023 expects all participants to adhere to the general behaviour guidelines:
    • Social distancing
    • Frequent hand washing
    • Respiratory etiquette

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